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Monday, September 13, 2010

Garden & Islamaphobia

Well our garden had a bit of a set back...RABBITS! They found some holes in our fence and the little buggers ate our lettuce and some of the broccoli. Barry worked hard on Sat. mending the fence. You have to take in consideration we live in the middle of the woods. We have lots of deer ( who ate the tops off my mums ). I bought some deer off spray which stunk! In fact I was trying to fix the sprayer and guess what I spilled in on me...guess I won't be eaten by deer. Everything else is doing good ...so Barry & I will be eating good this winter. Hope the rabbits won't break through the fence!

Something I heard on MSN this morning and I thought I'd pass it on...The fear is that {Islamaphobia} may lead to the same kind of radicalization among Muslim youth in the U.S. that we've seen in Europe. It has already played into the hands of al-Quida, which has for years been trying to convince American Muslims that the unfettered religious freedoms they enjoy is a mirage...Are we in danger of proving al-Quida right? I am a liberal progressive, secularized American Muslim. But when I see that bigotry against my faith-my very identity- has become so commonplace in America that it is shaping into a wedge issue for the midterm elections, I can barely control my anger. I can't imagine how the next generation of American Muslim youth will react to such provocations.
Written by : Reza Aslam
NPR Commentary
Aug. 23, 2010

Think about it...Take Care.
Love, Jilly Bean

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anniversary of 9/11

On this day I think we should all come together as we did 9 years ago. America is so divided. We are one nation and we must put our differences aside and work to make this an America we can all be proud of.
Depending on what media you watch,read or listen to, it's all slanted to some degree.
Fear seems to be the number one issue the Right Wing Conservatives use to set their agenda. Blocking everything our President has tried to do. Obama is our President not just the Liberals.
The fear of Islamophobia is spreading like wildfire. We must learn to respect each others differences not condemn them. Agree to disagree!
The protest rally against the Muslim Community Center being held today I think is a tragedy. It does not honor the people that lost their lives 9 years ago. It was not Muslims that attacked us it was Islamic Fundamentalists. I hope and pray that on this sacred day we will put our differences aside and respect one another.

I watched a Special Report last night that was incredible. "New Orleans,An American Story" By Brian Williams. It will be on again Sunday..."Brian Williams Reports" on MSNBC @ 11.00am and 2:00pm.
Check it out.

I'm still trying to figure out how to post photo's on this site. I may have to get my daughter Sarah to help me.

Have a Blessed weekend. Think Tolerence & Love.
Jilly Bean

Friday, September 10, 2010

News, Garden & Dogs

Well in our world of instant news you have to be careful what you believe. Rev. Jones is back spuing his insensitive crap. We have to hope that he'll come to his senses. On a wonderful note Heartland church in Tennessee has opened it's doors to a Mosque that is being built next door. Good for them! Wish there was more good news like that everyday. This morning @ 4:30 am I woke up to see a terrible fire raging in San Bruno, California on MSNBC "Wake up w/ Willy", pretty good little news show. Just another concern about our infrastructure is in such disrepair. One of the things that Obama wants to fix, it would bring so many jobs to our country. Our infrastructure has not been addressed in decades. I was watching a show on Nat Geo that reported our roads, bridges, water mains, gas mains and more and we got a grade of "D". Of course the Right is against this plan. Third world nations spend more on their infrastructure than the United States. Sad state we're in!
In my part of the country (Mississippi) most people get their news from Fox. I've tried to inform people I know to watch all the news so you can get the whole story. Most of the time it's to deaf ears. I get my news from PRM, MSNBC (Morning Joe), CBS (Katie Couric) & the Internet. The fitness center that I go to always has Fox on some of the T.V. monoters. So I do see some of  Fox news. My take is it's just Right Wing propaganda. I just wish people would be more open to hear all the sides.

Now on to my garden & doggies.
I have two beautiful dogglets, Ju Ju a 4 1/2 yr old Pug & Roxy a 120lb Great Pyrenees/Aussie mix. We are a pretty funny crew to see walking. I take them for a mile walk every morning down our dirt road. I'm very into Cesar Millan. My dogs are calm and submissive. Roxy has problems w/thunder storms ever since Katrina. We let her in on our sceened in patio to ride them out. She's a better meteorologist than anyone on T.V., warns us of a storm 15 min. before it hits and we get some pretty hairy storms here in the South. Ju Ju on the other hand loves storms, she likes to listen to them. She is my baby, I've never had a small dog before. She goes on vacation w/Barry & I, sleeps in my bed & follows me everywhere. She loves to ride in the car. A very quite dog...does not bark, just makes odd sounds, snorts & cat sounds. We use to raise Rottweilers while our girls were growing up. At any given time we would have 2-3 full grow Rotties, also puppies once or twice a year. The girls had a ball playing with the pups for the first 8-12 weeks of their lives. Great dogs! I also have a Siamese cat Sasha who's 16 yrs old. She was not pleased when Ju Ju moved in and has still never accepted her. Ju Ju gives her a wide berth...smart dog!

Well 2/3's of my fall garden is planted & up. Snow Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Squash, Spinage, Cilantro, Basil, Sage, Catnip, Bib Lettuce & Red Leaf Lettuce. I also have lots of flower beds. I have always loved working with the Earth. This summer I let a lot of it go. We had one of the hottest summers we've ever had. It is now back to it's full glory. I'm going to try to post some photos today. I'm not very good at that!
Take Care and have a Wonderful weekend. Let's hope & pray that Rev. Jones doesn't go through with his insanity.
Jilly Bean

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thoughts from Jillian: Koran

Thoughts from Jillian: Koran: "Wow! laid down for a bit of a nap and when I woke up PRM was reporting that Rev. Jones in Florida was not going to burn the Koran!!! Thank G..."

Obama on America 9/8/10

This is just part of what Obama said yesterday in Ohio.
I believe Obama has his spark back! About time...I've always remained hopeful!

"Although we are proud to be Democrats, we are prouder to be Americans"
"Our families believed in the American values of self-reliance and individual responsibility and they instilled those values in their children.
But they also believed in a country that rewards responsibility, a country that rewards hard work.
A country built upon the promise of opportunity and upward mobility.
They believed in a America that gave my Grandfather the Chance to go to college because of the GI bill"

I think a lot of us could have said that speech.
I am proud to be a American. He expressed gratitude in America.
We should all be grateful that we live in this great country and work together as one America not two.
Our politicians should be working for the people not corporate America.
The Republican Right is working for themselves and the top 2% of the people.
If we want our society to be fair we as Democrats, independents and moderate republicans must get out and vote this midterm so the right wing does not take over the House and Senate. We must get out in numbers as we did when we elected President Obama.
If the right wing takes over we will go back to the Bush/Cheney years when our economy collapsed and the wars in the middle east were unending.

On the crazy story about the burning of the Koran in Florida.
I feel as a Christian it is appalling. If you truly believe in Jesus and read his teaching. We are to be tolerate of other religions and love our brothers. True Islam is a beautiful religion. Speaking of love, peace and tolerance of others. The people that attacked us were Islamic Fundamentalists not Muslims.
Islamophobia is spreading like a wildfire in this country thanks to Right Wing Republicans, Neo-Cons & The Tea Party.

Ron Paul (I'm not a supporter) said this in his blog:

The fact that so much attention has been given the Mosque debate, raises the question of just why and driven by whom? In my opinion it has come from the neo-conservatives who demand continual war in the Middle East and Central Asia and are compelled to constantly justify it. They never miss a chance to use hatred towards Muslims to rally support for the ill conceived preventative wars. They just want everybody to be "sensitive" and force through public pressure cancellation of the Mosque construction. This sentiment seems to confirm that Islam itself is to be made the issue. Radical religious Islamic views were the only reasons for 9/11.
The justification to ban the Mosque is no more rational than banning a soccer field in the same place. Because all the suicide bombers loved to play soccer.
Defending the controversial use of property should be no more difficult than defending the 1st amendment principle of defending controversial speech.
But many conservatives and liberals  not want to diminish the hatred for Islam - the driving emotion that keeps us in wars in the Middle East and Central Asia.

I feel Ron Paul got it right on!!

Does God want us to condemn The Muslims?
It is the Muslims constitutional right to build their community center, they are Americans.
There was a time when you could not build a synagogue or Mormon temple in this country. Do we really want to go there again?
If we are a Christan Nation do we really want to condemn the Muslims? Does God want us to condemn the Muslims?
I think not.
God Bless.

My next blog will be a bit lighter...maybe about my beautiful garden and my great dogs!
Take Care. Have a good one. Pray for our Military!